4 Narrations, My name is Ellen. I am a professional Voice Talent.

I speak 6 language: Dutch (without regional accent), English, Spanish, French, German, Malaysian.  I will pronounce words and names in their original language.

Energetic highly professional voice talent with years of experience in singing, Voice-Overs and Public Speaking. My voice is often compared with “Martine Bijl” a Dutch protagonist.

VOICE STYLE: Smooth, warm, dynamic, young-adult, authoritative, conversational, classic, calming, professional, corporate, natural, mellow, mature, honest, sincere, trustworthy, serious, soothing, commanding, firm, educational. Versatile voice styles…. I will record your Sexy Female Voices.

Excellent homestudio; vocal-booth, Studio One DAW. (File format info). As well able and willing to travel to any location wordlwide. Within Western-Europe I can usualy be at any studio within 72 hours.

Easy to work with and superbe self directing skills. I love doing “corporate commercials and explainer voice overs, and for audiobooks, I really like doing; self improvement, food, mind and spirituality books. Non-Violence only.

You can book me for various projects/gigs:

  • E-Learning, Explainer videos (Dutch & English)
  • On hold, IVR
  • Commercials tv& radio, DJ-Drops, Radio Tags,
  • Audio books (Dutch & English language) *Note: audiobooks only non-violence
  • Meditation CD’s
  • background vocals.
  • Sexy voices

Press here for Project info & Pricing 

Press Contact to send me your project request or questions you may have.

Kind regards, Ellen

This site is still under construction. I will upload more examples.



I have very good ears
I have lots of studio experiences
I am NOT a mixing/mastering pro
I don’t read sheet music
I don’t do vocal editing, besides some effects and EQ’ing